Friends of Catholic Charities 30 Years of Friendship and Giving Back

The Friends of Catholic Charities held its annual gathering on June 14 at Royal Garden Restaurant not only to celebrate 30 years of friendship and giving but also as a kickoff for their continued efforts to support CCH.
Friends of Catholic Charities Hawaii (FCC) was founded in 1987 by three former Catholic Charities Hawaii (CCH) board members: Gerry Ching, Thomas Huber and Robert Tsushima. They had two purposes in mind: to provide additional support for CCH’s program needs and to make new friends for CCH and broaden its community outreach and network. From this trio of believers, FCC has grown with a faithful group of "friends" who support the work of CCH. Since its inception, FCC has raised more than $740,000 that provided direct support to CCH programs. In addition, another $1 million has been accrued in a CCH investment fund.

To continue the good work of FCC into the future, the Friends of Catholic Charities “Next Gen” is led by Melissa Benjamin, Doug Smith, Roger Wall and Tracy Wong — who themselves have been friends of CCH, as volunteers, board members and donors, and are now expanding their efforts on CCH's behalf.
Mahalo Friends of Catholic Charities!


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