Lanakila Multi Purpose Senior Center

The Lanakila Multi Purpose Senior Center (LMPSC) offers a place for seniors to go for recreation, education, and social interaction. Many seniors go to LMPSC to get away from home for a few hours a week; others think of it as their second home. Every day at the center, senior citizens come, they play, and they give back to their peers as volunteers. LMPSC is the largest senior center in the state and is available to seniors 60 years and older. Its target population lives in the area from Fort Shafter to Ward Avenue but is also open to those who live outside LMPSC’s defined population area when there are no comparable services in their community.

Activities offered at Lanakila Multi Purpose Senior Center:
  • Cultural clubs
  • Arts and crafts
  • Dance classes
  • Exercise classes
  • Music classes
  • Other special interest classes
  • Continuing education
  • Health promotion
  • Social service assistance

The seniors don’t come just to play. They come to serve and learn. LMPSC members give back to the community with service projects by volunteering and entertaining at area hospitals, nursing homes and schools.

For more information about the Lanakila Multi Purpose Senior Center, please call (808) 847-1322.

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