Legislative Advocacy Priorities

Catholic Charities Hawai‘i provides professional and compassionate services to tens of thousands of people each year. We offer help and hope to people of all faiths and cultures, especially those with the greatest need. Our broad range of programs helps individuals in need through their challenges and advocates to improve the system and society that we are all living in. Both services and advocacy are critical to making meaningful change in Hawaii.

Our advocacy priorities are kupuna care, homelessness and affordable housing, and economic justice.

When it comes to kupuna, we strongly believe in helping seniors live safely in their own homes with services that support their independence when needed. Thousands of kupuna across the state benefit from Kupuna Care and senior centers. It is a priority for us that the legislature continues to fund these programs.

Homelessness is truly one of the major social issues in Hawai‘i. Our mission calls us to advocate for the dignity and compassionate treatment of the homeless. Homelessness cannot be solved without the increase of affordable housing rental units. Our priorities in this area include funding specified for the development of micro-units and funding for the Housing First program, including expansion to the neighbor islands and continued support for the Rental Housing Revolving Fund.

We support solutions to alleviate poverty through economic justice. Many of our residents struggle to afford the basic necessities of life and are one small crisis away from a disaster such as homelessness or job loss. Evidence shows that putting money directly into the pockets of people in poverty is what helps them to improve their situation. We support the creation of a state earned income tax credit (EITC) and updates to the Low-income Renters Credit and the Food/GE tax credit.